23 Baby Essentials for New Moms!

Happy Monday!

As a mom of 2 under 2, I realized that there are some baby items that I absolutely need and some that I can live without. Not everything that is marketed for babies is useful or practical. Especially as a new mom, you may want to know what you will actually use.

Here is my list of 23 essential baby items that you as a new mom won’t want to live without. I left links on some of the items so you can easily find where to shop for them.

23 Baby Essentials for New Moms


23 Baby Essentials for new moms:

1. Crib/bassinet. You little one has got to sleep somewhere. Some parents co-sleep and don’t use a crib or bassinet at all, but for my family this was an essential once we started sleep training.
2. Blanket. You’re going to want to keep your little one warm. I swaddled my babies and then wrapped them in a blanket to keep them warm.
3. Swaddle. I use the Aden and Anias muslin swaddles and I love them. They are breathable and light and keep my little one snug.
4. High chair. This is for when they’re a little older but it is incredibly convenient to have your toddler sit in his own chair. We use a Fisher-Price Spacesaver one and we love it. You can buy a similar one here.
5. Diapers. This one is a no-brainer. Whether you want to use cloth or disposable, you will need diapers! We used Huggies Diapers for the most part.
6. Burp cloths. I use these after feedings so neither I nor the baby will be covered in sit-up.
7. Bibs. This is essential when baby starts solid food or is drooling heavily.
8. Bottles. So this is an essential item if your baby takes a bottle. My firstborn was not really good at taking bottles until we started weaning him.
9. Onesies and clothes in general. Your baby needs to wear something and what I found to be very convenient is footed onesies that are easy to take off and change diapers in.
10. White noise. We used white noise for both our kids at night and during naptime. Check out this white noise machine that we used!
11. Diaper rash cream. Babies get diaper rash. They just do. You can protect their bum by using diaper rash cream. We used Desitin and it worked very well. I highly recommend it.
12. Wipes. Another essential with a clear purpose.
13. Baby bath tub. Some people wash their babies in a sink and that works for them. We use a 4Moms baby bathtub. It has a thermometer built in and that helps with having the correct water temperature.
14. Wash cloths. To wash the baby with.
15. Baby Shampoo. We use this one.
16. Baby Body wash.
17. Pacifier. This is an essential for those babies that actually take a pacifier. My oldest didn’t ever get used to one.
18. Pacifier clip. I love this baby item. I can carry my baby(my second child who actually takes a pacifier) and not worry that I’ll lose the pacifier or if she decides to spit it out. I use the BooginHead clip.
19.Bottle cleaner. If you use bottles, you will want to invest in a bottle cleaner to keep your bottles nice and clean.
20. Baby nail clippers. Those baby nails are tiny but still scratch and need to be cut.
21. Baby thermometer. The truth is babies get sick and sometimes you’ve don’t know if the fever they have is high enough to visit the ER or if they’re just warm.
22. Gripe water. I found out about gripe water at a baby shower and I’m a total fan! Sometimes, little ones have indigestion or air in their tummies and gripe water is a fantastic solution. I highly recommend it!! You can buy it here!
23. Tylenol. For when they have fevers or are in pain while teething.

Hope that helped. Let me know what you would add to the list.