How to Treat a Baby Cough ( EASY NATURAL REMEDY)

Hey hey Mommas!

Today’s post is an experience of mine that I believe would be helpful to new and seasoned moms alike. It’s that time of year when the flu is going around so I think this is a very appropriate and timely subject.

It all started when my little daughter (who was less than 2 years old at the time!) had a persistent cough. And by persistent, I mean she was coughing day and night and I realized that the cough was lasting already 4 weeks. I don’t remember her having other symptoms. I finally decided that it was time to visit her pediatrician because it would not go away. There are things that will go away on their own if you wait long enough but this little situation was just not going away no matter how long I waited. It was time for me to take action and have the cough treated.

I had previously watched a lady(who also happens to be a nurse) on YouTube that treats common ailments and serious health issues using natural remedies. She talks about natural remedies for cuts, infections, pain, inflammation, and (you guessed it) coughs! Once I finally decided that I wanted to take action and treat the cough and that it was time to give the pediatrician a call, I had an idea! I thought that if I will still go to the pediatrician and will most likely be prescribed some kind of medicine, why not try a natural remedy first?

Now, I am not suggesting that you go and treat everything with something you saw in a video or on a blog. I understand that there are serious infections and diseases that require a medical professional and/or medication. The reason I tried this natural remedy is because it was suggested by a medical professional who has experienced the success of the method with no side effects. Also, it’s easy and you most likely have the ingredient in you house already.

This woman explained that a simple vegetable–the onion–was a very easy and successful way to get rid of a cough in babies and kids. This may even work for adults, although I have not tried it yet.


How to Apply the Natural Onion Remedy:

  1. Take a raw white onion and clean it.
  2. Chop half the onion into small pieces like you would for a soup.
  3. Take 2 plastic Ziploc bags and divide the chopped onion among the 2 bags.
  4. Place your baby’s naked foot into one bag and the other naked foot in another. Apparently, the bottom of your foot is very absorbent and the onion juice has antimicrobial properties to treat the cough!
  5. Put a sock onto each foot on top of the Ziploc bag so the bags won’t slip off and your baby won’t easily take them off.
  6. Let your baby sleep with the Ziploc bags on their feet overnight or let them play all day with them on.
  7. Change the bags every day or every night for as long as the cough persists.


I usually did this remedy overnight because it was just easier with toddlers who were sleeping and not running around. The Ziploc bags stayed on all night and I would just take them off in the morning and clean their feet. Onions do not burn the skin when it comes in contact the way garlic does.

The remedy worked!! My daughter stopped coughing at night and eventually the cough completely went away! I was pleasantly surprised. She was coughing for an entire month and all it took to get better was one night with onions on her feet!

Now, I completely recommend this to other mommas who are going through the same thing. This natural remedy saved me a trip to the pediatrician and also maybe some kind of prescribed medicine that may or may not have negative side effects.

If anyone in interested in watching the natural remedy video, here is the link–

Hope that helps and have a fabulous Monday!!

-The Newbie Mom