My Birth Plan

In an earlier post, I talked about how to write a birth plan. Here is the one I used for the birth of my son.

My Birth Plan
Sample Birth Plan
The birth plan I used for the birth of my first baby.

My Birth Plan:
These are my preferences. However, I understand that in a medical emergency, there may be deviations necessary. The health of mom and baby are priority.

Mother: Name Name
Father: Name Name
OB: Name Name
Due Date: 01/01/17


  • Father present at all times
  • Dimmed light
  • Possible essential oils (specifically Lavender)
  • Possible soft background music
  • No excess staff
  • No students


  • Group B Strep Positive. Will require antibiotic
  • I would like to move around and try different birthing positions
  • I would like to stay hydrated and have light snacks, if possible
  • Encouragement is very welcome from staff
  • I prefer external fetal monitoring
  • Induction only after a week or two past my due date, if safe
  • Epidural upon request and when it is best to administer

After Delivery:

  • Skin to skin bonding
  • Wait for umbilical cord to quit pulsating before clamping and cutting
  • Father may want to cut the umbilical cord
  • No bottles or formula
  • Pacifiers welcome
  • I would like to start breastfeeding
  • I would like if the baby was with us as much as possible
  • Consult before giving medication to mother or baby

Thank You!